BRAKCO is a company focusing on safety brake component.

BRAKCO was founded in 2005. Through continuous research into materials and manufacturing processes, we bring the safety to all the bikes. By building the complete production facilities and material and product quality control equipment laboratory Inhouse, we can offer customers shorter lead time, guaranteed quality and performance at reasonable cost.


2005 - established company and started from producing disc pads.
2006 - invested to build rubber factory for all products can pass the EN standard.
2008 - built the laboratory.
2009 - cooperated with university to research polymer material.
2010 - promoted carbon brake shoes.
2011 - extended the factory building and added to 6 production lines.
2013 - Co-branded with famous bike company Reynolds selling carbon brake shoes
2014 - applied for the patent Heat-dissipating brake lining
2015 - applied for the patent Heat-dissipating disk structure
2016 - applied for the patent wear-out indicator spring
2022 - Application for corporate human resources improvement plan approved
2023 - ERP/SFT management operating system
2023 - TTQS human resource quality management system
2023 - ISO9001 2015 certification
2023 - Low-carbon and intelligent upgrading and transformation of small and medium-sized manufacturing industries by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (introduction of bicycle brake block smart process visual visualization system)
2023 - Outstanding business entity award by Ministry of Finance
2024 - Introduction of EIP/PDA/BI management operating system

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